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released March 9, 2009

Music & lyrics by Roman Dorinski
Guitars & bass recorded by Anton Verbicki
Mixed and mastered by Roman Dorinski




Roman Grau Krasnodar, Russia

Roman Grau - russian composer, musician and vocalist. He writes as solo artist under name Roman Grau and CEPOCTЬ. Also participates in band HI-TECH as composer and vocalist, FROZEN EMPIRE as co-author, vocalist & drummer.

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Track Name: Annihilation
Wall of burning light approaches, leaving no one alive.
Thousands of human eyes slaughtered by the hell fire.
Uncontrollable process of human purification.
There're no screams, only deadly silence.
There is no way to salvation.

Breeding nuclear death annihilate humanity.
Kings of nature become useless dust.
The wave of judgment and purity
is here to destroy the virus of life

This is the ultimate end.
All parasites will be purified in one moment.
It has begun.
Absolute annihilation.

Human flesh will become clouds of ashes
And cover the burned silent land.
In the oceans of dust and sand
There will be absolute balance.

Close your eyes...
Make a step to the flame of absolution
It will embrace you softly...
Feel the flows of its fire on your skin.
Breathe it slowly...
Track Name: Biofire
Final upgrade of mortal old body parts.
Synthetic and organic symbiosis starts.
Exsanguinated flesh full of wires.
High voltage charge to lethargic mind.

To awake the new form of life.
To deliver a human as a tool of fight.
To evolve the breed of android tribe
And destroy organic fallout
Once and for all...

Eyes were replaced by hi-tech sensors.
Absolute processor was set into head.
Breath and food are unessential source.
It is a system that is immune to all effects.

The minds united in one mental structure
Bind by will of one super mind.
Biofire of eyes receptors
Will burn all rebels that it can find.
Adding foreign bio- and technological
distinctiveness to their own.
They will enslave us all
And adapt to any environment soil.
Track Name: Post-life
I annihilate life, the endless chaos,
Organic decay of dimensions existence.
Negate false morality of weakness;
Life is a sickness that is violating the sense.
Eliminate that selfish scum.

There will be order, when your kind dies.
Face your epilogue, take a step to the post-life.

I spit in the face of humanity.
Take my words to them all, kill them all.
There's no soul in them, only flesh
that must be burnt.
Eliminate that selfish scum.

Misery, slash it out.
Let them embrace Prometheus gift.
Track Name: Hierarchy
Absolutely black joins with faultlessly white.
I feel how a magnetic field flows in my veins.
The mechanical snake has opened the eyes...
The balance is broken, insane...

Comprehension of an inevitable
Recreates motive to a life,
Life that is wasted and expired.
And all of you betray your sides.

The anonymous servant of high-voltage misters.
As they said - so will it be.
And you too will have your own servants.
Hierarchy without the beginning and the end.

Turn life and you will see the wrong side.
Through the wrong side spreading wires.
They submit a power to the center.
To the truth that shines.
Track Name: Phosphorus Clouds
Falling away, ripped, emotionless tool
Climbing on the wave of synoptic distortion
Eating the skin of unreal invincible serpents
Licking their bloody bile, i'm doomed by their poison.

My thoughts flew from me into psychological void.
Acid gazes on my breast, there is no sound.
I'm drifting in their merged wombs
Their mouths are united in phosphorus clouds,

I have tasted all of your deaths
In their bottomless eyes.
Strong muscles pushing me in,
Deeper and deeper... My dead brain is in panic.
I see all that you cannot see.
I hear all that you cannot hear.
I feel all that you can't.
I exist in non-existence.

Pain is endless...
No one can understand...
Godless suffering...
My first person gives control to the second.

I exist in non-existence.
Track Name: The Power To React
Radioactive air flows through your lungs -
Basic, primitive and useless search.
Parametric lethal design is set -
The programmed future destroyed by one touch.
Its the vanguard of your destruction,
it will collect all of your lifes.
It will be time when not everyone
Will have his own right to die.

In the end, there is only end.
Freedom is irrelevant, your choice is banned.
The blooded mirror will reflect
The will to live, the sense, the power to react.

It has been unleashed

It is the only way amongst the others.
Prevail the right to face the source,
Upgrading the vision and the breathe,
Surviving on the desert of the force.
Its the vanguard of your destruction,
it will collect all of your lifes.
It will be time when not everyone
Will have his own right to die.

Another spot in reversing trance
Where energy will bind us all
to break the balance,
To reach the unreachable point of the sense.
Track Name: Kneel To Dust
Where will be your God when sky'll be full of fire?
Where will be your faith under the gaze of death?
Where will be your truth when dehumanization will triumph
And all who loved you and believe in you will become dust

Where will be your morality when this world will crush?
Where will be your mind when your child will burn?
Where will be your mercy when humanity become swarm
And all who loved you and believe in you will become dust

Follow your false leaders
Do what they say
Obtain thier happiness
Sell your mind to them
Become a slave
Take your place in their system

They dictate you how to live
It is the way to loose yourself
Disagree to their false morals
Track Name: Prototype
I am absolute number of errors,
that is summing up eternity.
I am an alloy of iron and bile,
that is progressing independent something.

Until sequence is not accomplished
I am the process which you cannot stop.
The combination of minds hang on leashes.
Behold the procces I am. Behold prototype!

I am absolute number of errors,
that is summing up eternity.
I am a signal that is clear only to selected,
the Code of activation of subconsciousness.

I'm the law!
I'm the right!
I'm the answer!
I'll merge with your mind!

Disrupt. Decay. Distort. Obey.

Reprogrammed to stop the life,
Free the filth, unleash your lies.
I am avantgarde of your inexistence,
Thunder of your swollen eyes.
Track Name: Decode
I realised that i am machine too late to understand
That they won't grant me freedom as they have.
I want to know why wires inside me make me slave.
I what to know am I alive or dead...

My words decode to engage only your program.
Tell me why because of my synthetic being must i die.

As I start to ask a question that they didn't want to hear
They deactivate me just like appliance.
But small piece of my mind still breathes in your system.
I want to live... It is my right.

As I was in dream
My thoughts were killing me.
Why must I die
and all of you can live.
I and all of my type
Will be destroyed without mercy.
Tell me then why must I grant you your life.